Hello, I'm Jeremy.

I am a Twin Cities, Minnesota based web developer specializing in building fully custom websites and single-page web apps from start to finish.


With an interest in technology from a very young age, I built my first website for a school project at 12 years old. This early experience sparked a passion for web development, leading me to undertake many small web projects for friends and family over the years. In 2011, this hands-on, practical experience solidified as the foundation of a professional career that has allowed me to experience diverse work environments, from corporate settings to agencies to working from home.

Over a decade in the tech industry has refined my expertise in numerous technologies. With my current focus in Node.js, TypeScript, and progressive web apps, along with my proven ability to set up and maintain web infrastructure, I excel at building custom web platforms as well as integrations with existing systems.

I aspire to combine my rich developmental history with a forward-thinking approach to enchance web functionalities and user experiences for my clients.

I have also developed a couple open-source projects in my spare time: a TypeScript-based HTML templating engine, and a Wordle-like game that uses words from Shakespeare's works.

Building a full stack

My typical project is built on an open source software stack: Linux, Docker, Nginx, Node.js, MongoDB and Redis. Depending on the project requirements I will sometimes use a front-end framework, like Aurelia, React or Vue. I write mostly in TypeScript, although my history with PHP and MySQL makes those viable options as well.

Some of my capabilities include:

TypeScriptJavaScript (ES6)HTML5 + CSSSass/LESSNode.jsLinux + BashDocker + ComposeNginxMongoDBSQLRedisGitWebpackAureliaAngularJSVueReactjQuerySVGPostfixAPI integrationsWebSocketsAWSGA/GTMPHPWordPress (custom)ImageMagickCI/CDJestShopify + Liquid

Experienced in variety

I have a diverse background with many different clients, environments, and teams. As a marketing agency veteran, I have been able to experience quite a variety of projects. I've gone solo and been a part of big teams, worked on projects for tiny businesses and huge corporations, and dealt with moving targets and tight deadlines.

I've done work for Trek Bikes, Finish Line, Boston Scientific, Aveda, Deluxe, JBL, Kohler, Hallmark, and Ranger Boats - just to name a few.

Clarity from all angles

A good website is straightforward and easy to use. When creating a user experience, the goal is to allow your visitors to spend their time looking at your content, not trying to find their way around.

For me, that philosophy carries over to the code as well. Even though you might not see it, well-structured and organized code is essential in making an otherwise good website great. A tidy and modular codebase helps avoid and track down bugs, and streamlines future changes and additions.

The right tool for the job

Since every project is different, I evaluate the requirements before choosing a platform. Some developers have a favorite platform or framework they force on every project. I try to find the right solution for the task at hand - even if that means learning something new.

Infrastructure included

If you are a small business and need to set up hosting, I can do that for you too. I spin up virtual servers for fun. I am well versed in Linux VPS setup, AWS, Docker, HTTP servers, domain registration, databases, firewalls, SSL/TLS certificates, and email services.