Hello, I'm Jeremy.

I am a Twin Cities, Minnesota based web developer specializing in building fully custom websites and single-page web apps from start to finish.

Full stack

I usually develop on an open source software stack, including Linux, Docker, Nginx, Node.js/Express, MongoDB and Redis. Depending on the project requirements I will sometimes use a framework on the client side; my go-to is Aurelia. I write most code these days in TypeScript. I have a long history with PHP and MySQL, so those are still options as well.

Some of my other capabilities include: ES6/Babel, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Sass, Bash, ImageMagick, Webpack, AngularJS, jQuery, SVG, Git, Postfix, API integration, and WebSockets.

In case you're wondering, this site was written in TypeScript and runs on Nginx and Node.js in a Docker container using the Pug template engine.

Experienced in variety

I have a diverse background with many different clients, environments, and teams. As a marketing agency veteran, I have been able to experience quite a variety of projects. I've flown solo and been a part of big teams. I've dealt with moving targets as well as tight deadlines, strictly structured processes as well as loosely defined tasks. I've developed sites for local businesses and massive corporations.

I've done work for Trek Bikes, Finish Line, Aveda, Deluxe, Clarins, JBL, Kohler, Hallmark, Ranger Boats, and Lumens - just to name a few.

Take a look at some of my work

Clean lines, clean code

When I design a user experience, I focus on keeping it clean so your visitors can spend their time looking at your content, not trying to find their way around. That tidiness carries over to the code too. Even though you might not see it, clean and organized code is essential in making an otherwise good website great. A tidy and modular codebase helps avoid bugs, eases tracking them down when they do happen, and streamlines future changes and additions.

See what I mean

Frameworks, libraries, CMS — or not

I like to evaluate the specific needs of a project and weigh the pros and cons before committing to a particular platform. There can be great advantages to using a specific content management system or framework for a project, but many sites are better off without. One-size-fits-all platforms like WordPress can be great for blogs or other very dynamic sites, but they can also present security vulnerabilities and negatively impact performance. A lot of so-called developers are only capable of using prefab platforms. I frequently build out fully functional, dynamic sites from the ground up.

Infrastructure included

If you are a small business and need to set up hosting, I can do that for you too. I spin up virtual servers for fun. I am well versed in Linux VPS setup, Docker, HTTP servers, databases, firewalls, TLS certificates, and email services.