Work Examples

Hayward Partner Portal

Hayward is a leading manufacturer of swimming pool equipment. I developed a progressive web app that allows their sales reps to have a consistent and reliable experience when presenting Hayward products to their customers. The app has some unique features, such as automated translations, product configurators, and the ability to send product information to customers. The project has seen further development internally at Hayward, but it is still using the same codebase that I originally developed.

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North Pole Engineering

I led the website development team for North Pole Engineering, a company that specializes in engineering IoT devices for the fitness industry. The website was originally split between WordPress and BigCommerce, and my team was tasked with consolidating the site into a single platform. The new site is a heavily customized Shopify build, and integrates with other platforms used by the company.

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I was hired as the technology lead for Unlost, a startup company that utilizes QR codes and the internet to help people return lost items to their owner. This mobile-focused SPA includes an anonymous messaging system, integration with Shopify, and an automated system for generating label sheets. I also served as the designer for the website and logo, and shot and edited all photography for the website.

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Sip Better Wine Club

I am the technology lead for Sip Better, an online wine club startup. The site includes a personalized journal, product rating system, storefront with cart and checkout, and a separate admin panel SPA. API integrations include payment systems, shipping services, automated email services, and maps. I also shot and edited some of the photography for the website, including most of the wine bottle product shots.

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Ottobock Orthopedic Services Patient Order Portal

Otttock is one of the world's leading prosthetic technology companies. I developed a portal SPA which simplifies and partially automates the process of clinics and service providers submitting orders. This was once a manual process consisting of email, fax, and phone communication. The portal allows the provider to directly fill in basic patient and order information, which is then relayed to Ottobock's internal software via the software vendor's APIs.

ReactNode.jsTypeScript/TSXMongoDBRedisHTML5/CSS3Material-UIWebpackVendor SOAP APIs


RQR was a startup company in the life science field that assisted other businesses with bringing medical devices to market. I was involved in multiple projects for RQR, including developing two different iterations of their main website as their business grew and their focus evolved. I also did development work that was not visible on the web for RQR's internal business.

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Commercial Viability Academy

The Commercial Viability Academy, which started as an internal project at RQR, is an online training program. It was designed to assist life science companies with the commercial viability of their innovations. As the lead developer, I built the Academy as an SPA that allows the students to study the course materials, answer personalized questionnaires, and communicate directly with the instructors. Administrators have the ability to manage user accounts and questionnaires, and to generate reports based on the results of the course. This project has a bright future with a roadmap full of enhancements, as well as the ability to apply the Academy platform to other industries.

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Fridley Covenant Church

I designed and developed the current website for Fridley Covenant Church, a local church in Fridley, Minnesota. A unique feature on the backend of this site is integration with the Dropbox API for automated download links for the weekly bulletin.

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Amusée Wine

Amusée is a wine consulting company run by Sommelier Leslee Miller. I was hired to completely rebuild this WordPress site. I developed the new theme from scratch and loosely based the design on the theme from the original site, updating it with a more modern feel. I was able to eliminate several plugins and significantly increase performance by writing the necessary features directly into the theme.


Apollos Diagnostics

I developed the website for Apollos Diagnostics, an innovative life science company specializing in monoclonal antibody development. During the height of COVID-19, the company advanced the fight against the virus by developing a SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test. The design for the site was derived from print materials that were created by a designer colleague of mine. Only a few small front-end script components were necessary, so they were written in straight TypeScript and compiled into vanilla JavaScript. The site may be simple, but no project is too small to receive the care and attention to detail to make it great.

Node.jsTypeScriptHTML5/CSS3PugSass (SCSS)DockerGoogle APIs


Parkitect is a company that manufactures bike racks, benches, and other outdoor fixtures. I was responsible for complete development of the original site, which includes product information, a product customizer, a cart for requesting quotes, and an admin panel for managing products. Unfortunately, this site has since been replaced.

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Project One - Trek Bikes

Project One is a custom bike configurator that allows complete customization of several models from Trek Bikes. I was tasked to rebuild the original Flash configurator using HTML and JavaScript. The new configurator consumes the same REST APIs as the original, so it is a direct replacement. In a true testament to the longevity of projects that I develop, this configurator remained in use and largely unchanged for many years before eventually being replaced by a version built with newer technologies.

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